10½' Wide, Feline Comfort Suite Assembly

Our Feline Comfort Suite Assemblies are crafted from a revolutionary fine-celled foam board that is extremely durable yet features a silky smooth feel for feline paws. The spacious main area gives cats plenty of space to wander and the attached litter area is high enough for even the largest cat to posture naturally during elimination.


  • Premium features reduce stress for recovering or boarding cats.
  • Wide polycarbonate viewing sections are built into most door styles.
  • Four door styles are available:
    • Tri-Door with Stainless Steel grill on top and bottom and a middle polycarbonate band that gives the cat an unobstructed view.
    • Tri-Door with Viewing Dome in the middle polycarbonate band. The Dome increases cat interaction and interest. There is Stainless Steel grill on top and bottom.
    • Clear Polycarbonate Door gives a full, unobstructed view for cat and caretaker while providing attractive oval-shaped ventilation triangles in all corners.
    • Full Grill Door provides good ventilation and extra bars at the latch to protect paws.
  • Optional back vents that are easy to clean and maintain a healthy air flow. Also available with optional active ventilation system that works with air flow systems.
  • Additional vertical bars on grill sections to protect curious paws.
  • Litter and fluid retention strip at litter front prevents drips.
  • New hinge design features state-of-the-art injection-molded nylon thermoplastic polymer that has superior strength while still being lightweight.
  • Our silent-closing latch keeps the environment low stress.
  • The extra high litter area gives even large cats ample space for using the litter area, which reduces stress.
  • All main and litter areas have white interiors. 
  • The 4' Assembly consists of a 30"W x 30"H main unit with an adjoining 18"W x 30"H litter area stacked two high.
  • The 4' Assembly is available as Standard (fits onto platform you provide or build), Mobile (Casters add 8½"height) or Stationary (Adjustable legs add 9¼").
  • California residents see Prop 65 WARNINGS.


Interior Main living unit is 28½"W x 28½"H x 28"D. Exterior is 30"W x 30"H x 28¾"D. The interior litter area is 16½"W x 28½"H x 28"D, and the exterior litter area is 18"W x 30"H x 28¾"D.