Classic Heated V-Top Surgery Table, Hydraulic

Shor-Line's Classic V-Top Heated Surgery Table now features a new and improved heating element that  provides steady, factory-controlled temperature. The heated panels help prevent hypothermia during small animal surgeries. The table itself has the same great features as the regular Classic V-Top only with the option of a heated surface.


  • Each panel has an 8¼"W x 44"L heated area on the table. The overall heated area is 16½" x 44".
  • This unit is 120V. A 240V unit is also available.
  • The thermostatic control mounted on the frame has a timer for 60, 90 and 120 minutes.
  • Factory-set temperature is maintained at 98.8º F (37.1º C) with even heat distribution. (The temperature is NOT adjustable.)
  • There is a built-in alarm and shut-off to alert you to an overheating situation (101.6º F, 38.6º C)
  • Height extenders are available (3" higher 803.4000.09; 6" higher 803.4000.07.)
  • Shor-Line tables are intended for animal use only.  


  • Table Construction:
    • Two Stainless Steel Panels
  • Table Overall Size:
    • 16½"W x 44"L Overall
    • 32½"H lowest point
    • 44½"H highest point
  • Table Top Specifications:
    • 8¼"W x 44"L per Panel
    • 16½"W x 44"L Overall
  • Table Top Lift Range:
    • 12"
  • Heating Element Specs: 
    • 98.8° (37.1°C) NOT adjustable