Classic Short V-Top Surgery Table, Hydraulic

The Classic Short V-Top Surgery Table has the same great features as the longer unit only in a space-saving 46"L. It allows you to position the patient where you want from horizontal to near vertical. The V-Top sits flat or can be raised to a "V" position without need for external devices. Its easy access to the collection trough makes clean up easy. This sturdy, high-quality stainless steel table will last for decades.


  • This table acts like a helper during surgery, keeping the patient in the correct position.
  • Available in Rotational (top rotates 360 degrees) or Non-Rotational.
  • Two polymer five-lobe ergonomic knobs open up the trough 270 degrees for easy cleaning. The tray lifts out to clean and reinsert for the next procedure. 
  • The Stainless Steel 3"trough can permit runoff into a drain outlet.
  • Two sliding, quick-release cam cleat tie-down attachments come on each side rail.
  • Hydraulic mechanism lifts table from 30½" to 41"H.
  • Height extenders are available (3" higher 803.4000.09; 6" higher 803.4000.07.)
  • Shor-Line tables are intended for animal use only.  
  • California residents see Prop 65 WARNINGS.