Front-to-Back Kennel

The Shor-Line Front-to-Back Kennel System places two Single Kennels back to back. Comes with a counter-weighted transfer door to link them. The enclosed double pulley system enables the operator to open the transfer door from either side allowing the animal to transfer from one side to the other. The operator does not have to handle the animal.  Units can sit on the concrete floor or elevated PVC floor is available.


  • Each kennel has two openings.
  • An enclosed double pulley system operates a counter-weighted transfer door that may be opened from either end for ease of transferring animals.
  • Works best in larger rooms that can accommodate aisles down each side of the room.Features the same durable 1¼"-square Stainless Steel tubing as our other Shor-Line kennels.
  • This contains the framework for the double space for stability but keeps the floor area open.
  • Install freestanding or against a wall using modular components. Stainless Steel panels are sloped ¼" per foot. (Other slopes available on request.)
  • Elevated PVC floor also available.
  • Tempered glass or multiple colors of PVC panels are available to complement your decor.
  • Optional accessories: Top wire panel, side transfer door, Stainless Steel glass door, elevated PVC floor and selection of feeder systems.
  • If desired, optional Swivel Feeder system MUST be added at order. It can't retrofit.
  • California residents see Prop 65 WARNINGS.