T-Kennel Single Kennel

SKU #990.3105.00

This functional but fun T-Kennel Run System allows you to design a room that makes good use of space. Our options for colored PVC, tempered glass, stainless and galvanized steel let you mix and match your look to fit budget and aesthetic choices. These runs have the durability you need with lots of design options. Units can sit on the concrete floor or raised floor system is available.


  • Durable frame is made up of 1" square tubing.
  • You can install freestanding or against a wall.*Includes one 2' wide gate that opens inward and outward.
  • Has two slots for optional slide-in feed and water trays (Any Kennel Run System less than 4' wide will receive only one feed tray slot.)
  • Raised floor systems can run 32' in either direction before a stub out is needed and feature leveling legs to rectify floor imperfections.
  • Standard side panels are sloped 1/4" per foot. Other slopes available by request.
  • Easy to clean PVC Panels are available in multiple colors to complement your decor.
  • PVC panels contain Styrofoam core that dampens sound. Comes in an assortment of standard and premium colors, or choose any color for additional cost and time.
  • Raised Floor Systems include a back panel.
  • Optional T-Cover drain covers available to cover trench or back drains.l
  • Optional accessories: Top wire panel, side transfer door, Stainless Steel wire door and stainless steel glass door. Choice of Stainless or galvanized steel components.


  • Frame Material Options:
    • Stainless Steel
    • Galvanized 
  • Isolation Panel Construction:
    • Color PVC for 6' Full Isolation panel
    • Color PVC for 48" isolation plus Stainless Steel mesh, tempered glass or galvanized mesh for the top 24"
    • Color PVC panel with transfer door
    • Facility's existing 48" or full isolation block/concrete walls
  • Standard Width:
    • 3'
    • 3'6"
    • 4"
  • Standard Length:
    • 3'
    • 4'
    • 5'
    • 6'
    • 8'
  • Standard Heights:
    • 6' on concrete
    • 6'10" on raised floor
  • Floor Type:
    • Raised Floor 
    • On Concrete
  • Optional Accessories:
    • top Wire Panel
    • side transfer door
    • Stainless Steel glass door
    • elevated PVC floor
    • swivel feeding systems
  • Special Sizes Available