T-Kennel Tri Kennel

SKU #990.3109.00

This unit pairs our Double Decker Kennel with a Single  Kennel to create a flexible housing unit. The full-width, counter-weighted, transfer door allows the pet to travel from one lower unit to the other. This works best in large rooms where there is space enough to get to both sides of the Kennel Run System. It can be a good choice for housing dog families. Units can sit on the concrete floor or a raised floor system is also available.


  • Frame is made up of 1" tubing, and wire is welded to the frame. Wire mesh top piece is included for the Double Decker side, optional on other side.
  • The Tri Kennel contains three separate compartments, so it is great for boarding dogs of all sizes.
  • A full width, counter-weighted transfer door between the bottom two compartments is operated by an enclosed double pulley system. You can open the transfer door from either side for easy animal transfer.
  • Has two slots for optional slide-in feed and water trays. (Any Kennel Run System less than 4' wide will receive only one feed tray slot.)
  • One gate per compartment is included. All gates open inward and outward.
  • The upper floor drain is covered by a half T-Cover.
  • The lower floor drains are covered by a full T-Cover that bridges the trench at the midsection to prevent cross-contamination when cleaning.
  • Raised floor systems feature leveling legs and can be run 32' in either direction to rectify floor imperfections before a stub out is needed.*
  • Can be manufactured to fit most common slopes.
  • Easy to clean PVC Panels are have sound-dampening qualities. Comes in an assortment of standard and premium colors, or choose any color for additional cost and time.
  • Optional T-Cover drain covers available to cover trench or back drains.
  • Optional accessories: Side transfer door and stainless steel or tempered glass door.
  • California residents see Prop 65 WARNINGS.


  • Frame Material Options:
    • Stainless Steel
    • Galvanized 
  • Standard Width:
    • 3'
    • 3'6"
    • 4"
  • Standard Depth:
    • 8'
    • 10'
    • 12'
  • Standard Heights:
    • 6' on concrete
    • 6'10" on raised floor
  • Floor Type:
    • Raised Floor 
    • On Concrete
  • Optional Accessories:
    • top Wire Panel
    • side transfer door
    • Stainless Steel door
    • tempered glass door
  • Special Sizes Available