Ventilation for Feline Serenity Suite

SKU #990.6001.00

Fresh air inside Stainless Steel cages is essential to keeping pets healthy and reduce odor. Unfortunately, some new buildings are so "tight" that there can be stale air zones along walls and in corners where architects and builders generally place cage housing.

Shor-Line has developed a patent-pending solution to circulate air without causing drafts for the Feline Serenity Suite. The system uses a Stainless Steel Air plenum in the natural space between the main living area and the litter area or two adjacent litter areas. A vent opening is cut and placed high in the cage, above most pets' reach, and it sucks air gently from the cage and out with your fan system.  


  • The system design keeps a balance between the upper and lower cages. This air balance is critical to move equal amounts of air out of both the top and bottom cages.
  • The air movement keeps fresh air flowing (removing odor, particles and possible airborne pathogens) without causing drafts.
  • Pictures show how the system works in Stainless Steel cages. Each unit purchased includes a rectangular air plenum, vent and 4" tube attachment. Cages are not included.
  • This system is designed for new construction projects and attaches with a 4"-diameter tube.
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  • Air plenum is Stainless Steel and fits in the space between main living area and the litter area or two adjacent litter areas. It comes in custom sizes to fit your cage banks. 
  • Not all cage bank configurations can take a ventilation system in all cages. Share your drawing with your sales rep to get a determination on the best ventilation for your cage area.
  • The 4"-diameter tube attaches to your ventilation system.